Everyone gets hyped for their fantasy drafts, but screwing someone over with a trade is just as fun. It’s time for this week’s buy low/sell high.

Sell High


Lamar Jackson

I’m not advocating that you try to get rid of Lamar Jackson if you have him. I would prefer to hold him and see how he looks against someone other than the terrible Dolphins, BUT, if someone has offered you a good player or two, I might send them a counter-offer and try to capitalize on the situation.

The fact that Lamar did so much damage WITHOUT having to use his legs is what excites me the most. Imagine the numbers he can start putting up when he’s getting running back stats to go along with decent passing games.

I have Jackson in one league, and I prefer to keep him, but I’m also scouting the opposition to see who I could acquire. Where am I weak? Do I need running back help? Maybe I offer Lamar Jackson and a flex player for a lower QB1 and an RB2.

Trade example: Lamar Jackson and Emannuel Sanders for Drew Brees and Aaron Jones

Matthew Stafford

If you can catch anyone in your league who is desperate for a QB, you might benefit from being able to unload Matt Stafford. His numbers were great from week 1: 385 yards and 3 TDs, but he wasn’t necessarily sharp. He’ll have to face the Vikings, Bears, and Packers (whose defense looked surprisingly good) twice each. Sell and get some bench depth. Stafford likely wasn’t your starter anyway.


Le’Veon Bell

I was already on the fence about Bell being a top running back this season, just because of the low ceiling of the Jets overall offense. Now, Sam Darnold is going to miss several weeks due to mono. You know what that means? More defenders in the box to stop the run. Trevor Siemian is now the quarterback in New York, and he scares no one. Try to sell Bell on his name. If you can’t get good value for him, hope that he has a couple touchdowns in week 2 and then try to move him after that.

Damien Williams

Damien Williams ended up as a good option in week 1 for those who started him because he had a rushing touchdown and 6 catches, but he’s also splitting carries with LeSean McCoy. I figure that McCoy will probably get more carries as the weeks go on. It’s hard to get rid of players in the explosive Chiefs offense, but, my fear is that, if you hold him, he won’t get the volume in week 2, and then you won’t be able to trade him for as much.


Sammy Watkins

Speaking of sell-high Chiefs, I’d be open to offers for Sammy Watkins. I know, I know. He had the most fantasy points of any player in week 1. And I also know that Tyreek Hill is out for several weeks. But I can’t trust Sammy Watkins. He’s done this in the past. Strong start to the season and then put up some DUDS.

The main point is that you can possibly get a solid, consistent player for Sammy. Also, Hill will be back in a few weeks, and Watkins’ value will drop. I’d look to package him with another player and see if I could get Davante Adams or Mike Evans.

John Ross

There was a lot to like about what John Ross did against the Seahawks, but just how much can he be trusted? He has a QB in Dalton who is inconsistent, at best. Tyler Boyd is still the main receiver there, and then when A.J. Green returns from injury, Ross slides down to WR3 on the team. He has big-play ability and got 12 targets in week 1, but if he only gets 2 catches for 34 yards this week against the 49ers, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Danny Amendola

It’s quite simple. Danny Amendola isn’t going to have many games where he goes over 100 yards with a touchdown. Stafford has several other targets in Detroit, so I would be surprised if Amendola gets anywhere near 13 targets on a consistent basis.


T.J. Hockenson

I really liked what I saw out of Hockenson, so I would most likely hold on to him. I’m only putting him on the sell high list because people tend to go crazy over rookies who have a big game in week 1. If you can trade Hockenson for someone more proven, I’d probably do it.

Buy Low


Aaron Rodgers

Fantasy players walk away largely unimpressed with the Packers offense after one game, but they did play the Bears! They have the Vikings this week, which may not be much prettier, but Rodgers remains upper-echelon among QBs in the league and in fantasy.

Jared Goff

The Rams have a lot of talent at receiver, and they were one of the top offenses last year. It remains to be seen whether or not Gurley will be Gurley again, but Goff should start putting up much better numbers than he did in week 1.

Ben Roethlisberger

Buy Big Ben because… (wow that’s a lot of B’s)… because you aren’t going to have to give up much to get him. Pittsburgh got DOMINATED by the Patriots Sunday night. Credit goes more to that defense than blame goes to the Steelers’ offense. They will find their groove.


Joe Mixon

Always target injured players when you’re looking to make trades. No, Mixon won’t be able to help you right now, but when he gets healthy, he’s a top-10 fantasy running back who finds the end zone a LOT. Whichever team has Mixon right now might be looking for a starter. Go ahead and trade them someone who will help them now while you get the guy who will help you make the playoffs.

Kerryon Johnson

I was all-in on Kerryon before the season, and I think the Lions are just working him in slowly. He is still coming back from an injury, after all. The guy is really talented and should continue to get a higher percentage of the carries each week. The emergence of Hockenson and Amendola as options over the middle should help to keep defenses from loading the box against Detroit.

James Conner

Pittsburgh’s offense never got a chance to get into a groove against New England, so that game script wasn’t the best for Conner. He only had ten carries. That’s not going to be the case on Sunday. He will get a lot more work.

Sony Michel

If you’re a Michel owner, you’re probably pretty upset about the lack of production from Sony in a game where pretty much every other Patriot had a good game. My expectations are that the Patriots will rely on Michel more and more as the year goes on. He’s more talented than Burkhead and a pretty good receiver out of the backfield. He’s New England’s preferred goal-line guy, and he should find paydirt against Miami on Sunday.


Davante Adams

It’s not likely that you can acquire Davante Adams for what you want to pay right now, but keep him on your radar. If he is held to only a few catches against the Vikings, THEN make your move. Adams owners will be frustrated that their top overall pick hasn’t done much through 2 games.

Mike Evans

With only 5 targets and a well-below-average game, Evans didn’t do much to please his owners in week 1. Lots of concern in Tampa with Jameis Winston at quarterback, but Evans will still get his. No doubt about it. He had 1500 yards and 8 touchdowns last year and remains the favorite target of Winston…well, besides the opposing secondary.

Tyreek Hill

If an opponent in your league lost by a lot in week 1 and also lost Hill to injury, they may start to panic. When Hill gets back, he will return to elite status. The guy can single handedly win games for you.

Tyler Boyd

I mentioned Tyler Boyd when talking about John Ross. Boyd had 11 targets last week. No touchdowns is why you might be able to snag him. He’ll be a more consistent option than Ross.

Rams receivers

None of the Rams’ wideouts put on a show against Carolina, but they are all capable of doing that. Woods had 13 targets. Cooks and Cupp are both WR2 or better for the rest of the season. See if you can get one of them.


Greg Olsen

Ol’ Trusty, Greg Olsen. You should be able to get him for fairly cheap, especially if he misses this week because of his ankle. He quietly had 9 targets against the Rams. If you need a TE to stream in upcoming weeks, there you go.