Football is a game of passion. Fans paint their faces and wear jerseys of their favorite players. They fill stadiums that hold 75,000 people. When an NFL team wins, its fans ride a wave of joy into their Monday mornings. When that team loses, Monday becomes an even worse day of the week for the fans. It is a game loved like no other in this country. Players are loved and hated for their personalities and for their skills on the field.

The passion that NFL fans carry is one of the greatest things about the game. There is a lot of passion involved in fantasy football, too, but just make sure that it isn’t displaced.

When managing your team, it’s important to draft with your head instead of your heart. I live in Georgia, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people draft a roster full of Falcons. That’s a sure fire way to struggle in fantasy football. It’s not a great idea to have too many people from the same team. Trust me; I learned this the hard way a few seasons ago. My quarterback was Peyton Manning and I also drafted Emmanuel Sanders. Later in the season, I traded for Demaryius Thomas and picked up CJ Anderson in free agency. When the Broncos were clicking, my team was dominating, but, at the end of the season, when Manning started struggling, the whole team went downhill, and I had too many eggs in the Denver basket.

Here’s an important fantasy football draft strategy: don’t draft players just because they are your favorites. It’s better to have a team full of guys who you don’t care for in real life, as long as they are putting up numbers for your fantasy team. If you only draft players you like, you’ll finish in the middle of the pack at best.