Quarterback is the most important position in football. There are few people who would argue with that. They get huge contracts, are protected more with each new set of rules that come out, and when is the last time you heard of a “franchise” running back, defensive lineman, or any other position on the field? They are the most important players for an NFL team’s success, but…

QBs are NOT the most important players in fantasy football.

I’ve been around fantasy football for a long time, and every single year people draft QBs too high. I’ve been guilty of it in the past, myself. There’s an opportunity cost to taking QBs in the first few round of the draft. You miss out on starting WRs and RBs, which are the real MVPs of fantasy. Don’t get me wrong, if Aaron Rodgers is available in the third round, I’m thinking about taking him, but I’ve seen people taking him in the FIRST round. Yes, your QB position will be solidified, but you have to think about the QB drop-off or lack thereof.

Last year, according to ESPN fantasy stats, Russell Wilson finished first in fantasy points for QBs with 347. Cam was second with 299.5. Go alllll the way down to 12th and you have Jared Goff with 255.3. Wilson’s average was 20 points/game. Goff’s is 15 points/game. Not really a steep drop. And people weren’t drafting Wilson high last year. It was guys like Rodgers, Brady, and Brees. Brady had 17.3 PPG, Brees 15,4, and Rodgers got hurt. Is it really worth spending high draft capital to get one of those guys? Let the other people in your league do that.

The good think about quarterbacks is that you can get good value late in the draft. You can still get a starting QB in the double-digit rounds. The same cannot be said for the RB and WR positions. You can even stream quarterbacks, which means pick up a different one every week, depending on who their team is playing. This works well for 12-team leagues and under. The smaller the league, the less important it is that you draft a great QB.

While the QB is the focus of the NFL, don’t let QB be the focus of your fantasy team.