Not only is it a bad idea to draft a defense early, but it’s wise to avoid drafting to fill all of your starting spots first. I see this a lot with people who haven’t played fantasy football before. The number one thing to keep in mind during the draft is value. Don’t reach for players. Don’t draft a tight end just because you don’t have one yet, and all of your RB and WR spots are filled. It’s a common mistake.

RB and WR are the positions that you want to load up on. Now, obviously, if there’s a TE there that you really want, and you don’t feel it’s a reach, then, by all means, go ahead and draft him. You will generally have a better draft if you avoid reaching for guys, just to get your starting lineup filled. The tight ends who are going in round 7 are going to have very similar value to the ones going in round 12. Be smart about it.

You will gain an advantage over the other people in your league by being tactful about how you draft. Several people will just go down the list, drafting for the positions that are still open in their starting lineup. You want to load up on the difference makers instead. Running backs get hurt a lot in the NFL, so you need to make sure you have depth at that position.

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