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There are basically three levels of fantasy football player:

  • Those who play for fun.

  • Those who play for money.

  • Those who play in hopes to boast eternally or humiliate their friends.

Which one are you? Personally, I fit into category #2, BUT this year, we are changing things up in one of my leagues.

The Outlandish

This year, whoever finishes in last place has to do something pretty bad.

Are you on Instagram? If so, you’ve probably seen the super cut fitness models who have their workout pages. They show off their muscles, their workout routines, meal planning, etc.

Well… the last place finisher in my league has to create a fitness Instagram page and post content on there EVERY WEEK until next football season.

None of us are workout gurus. Maybe 1 or 2 people in the league are even avid gym-goers.

But the loser will be going into this full-force in January. We’re talking ridiculous gym selfies and silly aerobic workouts with ALL the hashtags, so everyone can find and make fun of it. Make sure you subscribe because I’ll be sending emails out to show the outcome!

Worst Place Shirts

If you don’t want to go to that extreme with it, you can at least get something nice for the last place finisher to wear for photo ops or every Sunday. It’s your league! Your rules. Personally, I’m a fan of the sunglasses-wearing unicorn that proclaims just how much you suck at fantasy football.

This is a pretty easy, non-permanent way to humiliate the person whose team just couldn’t cut it this year.

Last Place Trophy

Ah, the classic. Just as a first place trophy or belt is the most-coveted thing in your fantasy league, the last place trophy should be the least-coveted.

Don’t just hand the loser the trophy and take a couple of pictures. Make him or her place it somewhere that will get a lot of foot traffic. I’m talking about on their desk at work, on the mantle at home. It needs to sting!

And I don’t think it should look like other trophies, or else people might not notice what it is. My suggestion is to get the toilet bowl trophy. It will most definitely garner attention.

Look, fantasy football is only fun when everyone stays engaged all season long. You don’t want people to get a few games behind and then stop caring. The easiest way to keep them involved every week is to have a punishment at the end for the last-place finisher. It’s only right!

Now, just make sure that person isn’t you!