Everyone has a strategy heading into the draft. “Okay, I’m going to take X player first, and then Y player, but if Z player is still available in the 2nd round, I’m definitely going to draft him.” It’s necessary to have a solid draft plan, but when the first team is on the clock, things can begin to shift. What happens if the first 5 picks of the draft go the complete opposite direction from how you thought they would? You have to be able to adapt and change up your plan.

This is why tiered rankings are so important. You might be dead-set on drafting a WR in the first round, but if the first 5 guys off the board are all WRs, you might be better off taking the top RB available, since your tier-1 WRs are all gone anyway. Drafts are fluid, so make sure you keep your awareness up. Also look at who is drafting behind you. If they’ve already got a QB, you know that you don’t need to draft one this round, and you can still get the same QB you have your eyes on in the next round.

You’ll hear me preach about value a lot. To me, there’s nothing more important in fantasy drafts than being patient and drafting for value. Reaching always leads to deficiencies at other positions.

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