You’ll find that one of my main points of emphasis is upside, upside, UPSIDE! Take a chance on people. There’s really no point in drafting or adding a guy who you know you’ll never start except in an emergency. There are veterans who average about 6 or 7 fantasy points per week who are added and then dropped by fantasy owners. There’s a reason for that. It’s because they will never crack the lineup. Instead of adding Frank Gore or some other aging RB who gets 15 carries/game, add a guy who isn’t starting yet but looked great in the preseason.

If you fill your bench with mediocre players who only have occasional good weeks, it’s not going to benefit you. The best thing to do with those guys is to trade them after they do have a really big week. You can package them with another player you want to get rid of and try to obtain someone who isn’t really producing yet, but you know they have potential.