If you don’t know what a vulture is in fantasy football, let me fill you in. They are the most aggravating players in the NFL! A vulture is a running back who isn’t a starter in the NFL, but he comes into the game in some goal-line situations to score touchdowns. This is bad for everyone except him, that gluttonous bastard. It hurts fantasy owners who have the starting RB in their lineups, and it benefits really no one in fantasy because most of these guys are on benches or the free agent list. My word of caution here is do NOT get caught up in the hype of a vulture, even if he comes in and scores two touchdowns. Guess what will happen… you’ll pick him up, start him, and he’ll get 2 carries for 2 yards, and you will hate yourself. Stay away & let some other poor sap in your league get him.