If you have any say-so in your league, try to convince you League Manager to make your playoffs only go through week 15 or 16 of the NFL season. Week 14 and 15 are best for playoffs, but 16 is okay if you have to. When the NFL season is on its last leg of the regular season, many teams will start resting some of their starters, which spells disaster for fantasy football. The Colts used to do this all the time when they were 13-2 and had a first-round bye wrapped up. Imagine having Peyton Manning as your fantasy QB and not getting to start him in your league’s championship game. Not much more frustrating than that. Knowing your league rules and playoff settings is crucial. Adjust your roster and add depth where it might be needed if you have guys that might be rested down the stretch.

As always, keep your fantasy brain in active mode. Be looking at every aspect of the game, and be prepared for any circumstances. Doing more than your opponents means more wins than your opponents.