Injuries are a terrible thing. I hate to see anyone go down and miss a significant amount of playing time. At the same time, when I hear of a big-time NFL player getting hurt, one of the first things I do is check to see which team in my league has him. Say that Odell Beckham gets hurt. How many other good WRs does that owner have? How many do I have? I’ll immediately start thinking of some possible trade proposals. That owner is going to be frantically searching for another player to fill that spot.

It doesn’t always take injuries to make a team desperate. If the team is struggling to make the playoffs, the owner will be more receptive to any trade offers you might make, and that way you can strengthen your starting lineup in the process.

Trades in your fantasy league aren’t the only ones to pay attention to. Make sure you know what trades are happening in the actual NFL, too, because they can have a big effect on multiple players. If a QB just got another great WR, his numbers will likely get better, but the WRs numbers might not. Targets could decline, potential for touchdowns could diminish. Stay sharp and know how trades will help or harm the players and teams involved. The more your wheels are turning, the more of an advantage you’ll have.