The allure is there. The talent is there. There’s just one problem: you can’t start a player who is suspended. Some NFL players just cannot stay out of trouble, and these are the riskiest guys to own. Forget the ups and downs of the NFL season–getting on the field PERIOD is an issue for some.

The easiest example right now in the league is Josh Gordon. When he plays, he looks like a top-10 receiver in the NFL, but he can’t stay out of trouble. There is tons of optimism about him going into the next season, but how much can you really trust it? One more failed test, and he’s likely out of the league forever. Whoever drafts him will be left with a huge hole to fill if that happens. Why not draft a player who will put up great numbers and not get in trouble. It’s common sense to me.

It’s okay to take a risk on these types of players late in the draft, but don’t bank on them to help you win games in your league.