Buying low can get you to the playoffs if you do it right. To buy low is to acquire a player when his value is at its lowest point of the season. The hope is, of course, that he will start to do great things once he’s on your roster. You should be scouting other teams’ rosters for players who are hurt but have great potential. It’s common for most other owners in your league to forget about these guys, and sometimes the guys who own them get sick of waiting for their recovery. You can trade them an expendable player (or even a good one) for that potentially great one who’s a little banged up. Anytime a quarterback throws to a receiver or running back, that is called a target. If a guy is being targeted a lot but not making many catches, it’s probably just a matter of time before he really heats up. Search for players who you know are good and are getting a lot of targets, and offer up some trades.

Targets = volume. Where you can really get some bang for your buck is from frustrated owners with bad teams. If they have a top-10 caliber guy who hasn’t done anything for weeks, this is your chance to get him. If his fantasy team is performing poorly, he likely has several starting spots with below-average performers. Offer him 2 good players for the one that you think just hasn’t caught fire yet. It’s a win-win situation because you potentially improve your weak spot, and the other owner gets 2 starters.