Weather: the secret weapon. Ok, maybe it’s not the most important thing to factor in, but I do believe that not enough people pay attention to it. It becomes especially important down the stretch when the temperatures drop around the league and the snow starts to fall. I watched the Bills/Colts game this year and felt sorry for anyone who had a QB or WR from either team in their lineup… and here’s the sad thing: thousands of people did because they had no idea that the game was being played in a border-line blizzard.

All it takes is a few seconds of watching pre-game shows to know that those are not good passing conditions! It worked out well for those of us who had Shady McCoy in our lineups because all the teams did was run the ball. Just be smart because you’re better off with a B+ player in ideal conditions than an A- player in a downpour. Weather can be a deciding factor if you’re having a tough time deciding between two players, especially late in the season.