In fantasy football, the focus is all on the offense. Running backs, quarterbacks, receivers, and tight ends get all of the love. Defenses are put on the back burner, and there’s good reason for that.

There’s no sense in taking a defense in the early rounds. I see people do this all the time. Yes, it’s great to have an elite defense because you can rely on them to put up a decent total every week, and you really don’t ever have to worry about changing defenses, except on bye weeks. The issue is, owners will reach to draft the top defense in the 7th round or something. That’s just crazy to me! Usually, the difference in fantasy points per game between the top defense and the tenth ranked defense isn’t that much. It’s certainly not enough to warrant drafting them that high. Those rounds should be for adding some badass bench players or rookies who you think will take off.

I typically draft a defense in the next-to-last round. A helpful tip is to draft a defense with a good week 1 matchup. At least you know you’ll come out of the gates strong in that position. Look at it this way: there will be 10-12 teams in your league, and most teams won’t draft 2 defenses (as they shouldn’t), so there will be at least 12-15 defenses that you can pick up each week. That’s plenty enough to find a decent matchup.

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