The most common problem i’ve seen amongst fantasy football owners is a lack of patience, especially with players who have proven to be very good in the recent past. If players go to a new team and are struggling, there is some cause for concern, but if they are with the same team with the same supporting cast as last year, try not to panic too quickly. Good fantasy owners are like sharks, and they will attack if they smell blood in the water. If you start talking about how you think Tom Brady is done, then you can guarantee yourself a trade request for TB12. The trade requests that you receive are going to be beneficial for the guy who is offering you the trade, and that’s a guarantee. Please be patient with your superstar players because they will have an unbelievable game, and you’ll feel stupid for ever wanting to trade them in the first place.

Here’s an underrated tip: BE PATIENT ON THE WAIVER WIRE. It’s like some owners think you are required to put in waiver claims every week. You’re not! Save those claims for the guys you really want, and let everyone else waste them on players who are going to sit on their bench anyway. I’ve seen people use waiver claims on KICKERS. No, I’m not kidding. There is absolutely no reason to do that…ever. I know you think I hate kickers…and you’re right. They are unpredictable and sure as hell not worth wasting your waivers spot on. Patience, grasshopper.