You are not alone. I am here with you. I’m not quoting Michael Jackson… or am I?

It’s hard to figure out everything on your own. Luckily, you don’t have to! There are several experts out there that can help to guide you on your quest to the championship. Read articles. Every week you will be able to find dozens of articles that reflect on fantasy impact from the past weekend’s games. They will shed light on things that you might not have picked up on and go into detail about what transpired. You can also find articles that predict the upcoming games. Weekly fantasy rankings from the top experts are available on all of the major fantasy sites.

Listen to podcasts. Some people still don’t know what podcasts are. If you’re one of them, get familiar with them. You can subscribe to multiple fantasy podcasts and listen when you’re in your car or at work. They go more in depth than articles, and there’s typically 2 or 3 people talking about players, so you get multiple viewpoints and opinions. Follow them on Twitter. Twitter is the most under-utilized fantasy tool out there. All of the top fantasy pros are on Twitter, and some of them will answer your questions right on the spot. They tweet their advice and injury updates. News travels faster through Twitter than it does anywhere else. If you have news before the rest of your league, that’s a significant advantage. Go add that player that the expert is tweeting about!