One of the most important and often-overlooked things in fantasy football is knowing your competition. Even though you’ll constantly be thinking about your fantasy team and how your players are producing on the field, your guys aren’t the only ones playing on Sundays. Be mindful of the other rosters in your league. If you know what their strengths are, you’ll also know their weaknesses. You can increase trade leverage by adding players that other teams want, even if you don’t need them.

One great tip is to know other owners’ favorite players. I live in Georgia, and so many people I play with want to draft as many Falcons as possible, even if it means reaching too high in the draft to get them or giving up too much in trades to get them. I use this to my advantage. If I have Matt Ryan and he starts out hot, and someone else has a slumping Aaron Rodgers, I’m licking my chops.

Fantasy football is all about the little advantages you can gain on your opponents each week. It’s not enough to just check and set your lineup every week. Be proactive! Offer trades, check the free agent list… do whatever it takes to improve your team while lessening the potential of the other owners in your league.