One often overlooked setting is the trade deadline. Knowing exactly when it is can give you an advantage over the other team owners who aren’t paying attention. It will allow you to look at the schedules and see when a trade might be more beneficial to you than the team you’re trying to deal with. You can get rid of and acquire players right before the deadline that will help your playoff push. League trades can be vetoed. Sometimes it takes a league majority to keep a trade from happening, but sometimes it doesn’t take many owners’ vote to get your trade turned down. My suggestion is to do everything you can to make it hard for trades to get easily vetoed. A trade should be deemed “fair” if both owners agree to the deal and there is no collusion to stack a team or money exchanged. I’ve been in leagues where other owners don’t like a deal because they wanted a certain player, so they vote against the trade. This causes major tension.

Playoff format is important to know, as well, because making the playoffs is the most important goal you can have for your regular season. Some leagues don’t have divisions, and only the top 4-7 teams make the playoffs. The criteria for making the playoffs in those leagues also varies. It can go by record, total points scored, or other factors. Many leagues have divisions, so the division winners will make the playoffs, along with several other teams. Just make sure you know what you need to do to make the playoffs, or else you could be making unnecessary moves or not enough to get there.