I recently had a fantasy draft at work, and about 3 rounds into the draft, one of the guys said “Is this a PPR league or not?” This was baffling to me because the first thing I ever do when I join a new league is look at the league settings. Don’t be the person who starts asking what the rules are once you’re halfway done with the draft! It’s a recipe for losing.

Every league is different. Most standard leagues have basically the same scoring setup, but always check to see exactly what the scoring settings are. Points for touchdowns and yardage vary by league and are typically set by the league manager/commissioner. Sometimes, milestones can earn players extra points, so be sure to look for bonuses like that. For example, once a QB hits 400 yards passing in a game, some leagues will reward that player with an extra 5 points or so. Long touchdowns sometimes earn extra points, as well.

When everyone in your league is watching Sunday’s top performer, they are all going to want to add him to their team. Obviously, they can’t all add him, and a race to the league page wouldn’t exactly be fair to the owners who can’t watch the games live, so their has to be a system in place–that system is the waiver process. If you want to add a player, but that player is not yet a free agent in your league, you will have to place a waiver claim on him. Again, every league’s waiver process is different, so you’ll need to check your league settings. In most leagues that I’ve played in, when you claim a player, you then go to the bottom of the list and only work your way back up as other teams claim players. In some leagues, the last place team gets the first waiver claim every week to try to even the competition.