I preach a lot about checking to see what defense your players are going up against. This becomes even more important toward the end of the season. No matter how great of a season your QB is having, look and see which team he plays against in weeks 14, 15, and 16. It could make all the difference in whether you win your league or get put out in the first round. If your QB goes up against 2 of the top 3 defenses in the playoff rounds, you might want to think about trading him to someone who isn’t paying attention to that. Get a solid QB in return who is going against bad defenses. As a bonus, you might be able to pick up another solid player in the trade!

Often, the other people in your league won’t be paying attention to what might happen down the line. They’re only worried about the here and now. They aren’t checking to see who their players go up against later. They are only concerned with the 25 point game they just put up against the Bengals. Stay ahead of the game!