Obviously, you’re going to want to put your best players in your lineup every week, but it’s not always so cut & dry.

If you have players who are injured, and you’re not sure if they’re going to play, be aware of when they play. If you have two equal fairly equal players, why not play the guy that you know is healthy? If you have the injured player in your lineup, and his game is late Sunday night, he might get ruled out, and then you’re left scrambling for a replacement. Guess what? If all of your bench guys have already played, you’re screwed and have to either drop someone who is on a bye and add a likely poor option, or you’ll have to settle for zero points from that player and damage your chances of winning your matchup.

You’re rolling the dice if you wait until later to see if certain players are healthy, especially when you have players on your team who can get you similar points, and you know they’re probably not going to get limited touches.