Pick up players before they are starters. If you wait until a good player is getting his chance to start in the NFL, there’s a pretty damn good chance that he’s already on another fantasy roster. If your starting lineup is pretty solid, take a chance on some guys who may not even get a shot to play until later in the season. It could pay off big time. Study backups. The 2nd stringer that you want to look at are guys who are on potent offenses. If the starter goes down, the backup will have a great chance to succeed in his place.

Look at the schedule. The NFL schedule isn’t everything…but it’s pretty important. This is where taking chances can do you some good. Look down the road at week 14, 15, and 16 of the NFL schedule. This is when fantasy playoffs are going on. If you can pick up a player with great matchups in those weeks, you’re in business. Avoid safe, low-ceiling guys. Players who put up consistently okay weeks are fine, but you don’t need to litter your roster with them. It’s good to have one or two to plug in when you need a few points, but overall it’s better to have a potential breakout candidate than someone who will ride pine all season. Risk pays off. If you add someone that you think will blow up, but it never happens, it’s not the end of the world. You can drop that guy, and you will see that the free agent pool is full of low-ceiling players.