Tiered rankings are the smartest way to draft a good team. What you do is basically go through each position and rank all of the players. When you’re done with that, separate each position into tiers, which will group together the elite, great, good, and average players. Keeping a tiered ranking list will help to keep you from reaching too far on draft day to get a player. It will help you to fill out your roster more efficiently. If there is only one RB left on your second tier when it’s your turn to draft, you’ll know to grab him instead of a tier-2 WR, of which you still have 5 or 6. It’s just another visual aid to help during the draft, when the pressure is on and the clock is ticking.

Chances are, if you’re googling “fantasy football rankings,” you’ll stumble across several websites that have top 200 lists or just a straight ranking. These are helpful and fine, but tiered rankings can provide an advantage on draft day. As always, the more preparation you do, the less you will have to scramble and pick someone you don’t want to have on your team.