Fantasy football is so much about numbers, analytics, predictions, and stats that sometimes one important element is left out: You actually need to WATCH THE GAMES.

This seems like common sense, but watching the games will give you a distinct advantage over your opponents. Check your lineup for matchups and injuries. That 11am tweak on Sundays can be everything for your team. See what defenses your players are going up against if you’re having trouble choosing starters. Check Twitter and the NFL morning shows to make sure your guys aren’t out with a pulled hamstring. Actually watch the games. This should be common sense, but sometimes we get caught up too much on statistics. You need to be watching as many games as possible, so you can see who looks good and who only looks good on paper for now.

Pay attention to junk time. This is another important reason to watch the games. “Junk” or “garbage” time is when a player does nothing all game until the very end when the game is pretty much decided. If someone catches a 75-yard touchdown in a blowout loss, you have to take that with a grain of salt. It’s not going to happen often, and the other team likely had their 2nd or 3rd string defense in. Check your opponent’s progress and what players he has left. You need to be aware of what your weekly opponent’s players are doing. If your guys who play at 1:00 are doing terrible and his are doing great, you may need to take more risks with the spots you have open for later. If the shoe is on the other foot, you can play guys with a high-floor later, meaning they will likely produce a good, not great score for you. That’s what you need if you’re ahead.