Hey guys.

Football season is closing in, so fantasy draft season will be here soon! Here’s an important tip: do a mock draft every week leading up to the season. This will give you an idea who is going to be picked first overall, along with which players are going to be selected first from every position.

Doing a mock draft every week will help you see how players are trending, as well. Most people wait until right before the draft to do their first mock, but if you start early, you will gain an advantage over the competition. Some fantasy owners get too locked in on a certain guy, and then when draft-time comes, they select that player way higher than he should actually be taken, or, on the flip side, they think their guy will be available in round 5, but he’s going in round 3 in the latest mock drafts.

The video above is a mock draft that I recently did for an 8-team PPR league. Depending on how big your league is, you’re going to want to employ a strategy that makes sense. For smaller leagues, like this 8-team one, my tip is that you draft difference-makers. In a small league, every team is going to be stacked, so you want to have some guys who will take your team to the next level. In bigger leagues, you want to make sure that you really get your RB and WR depth as solid as you can.

Don’t be afraid to take some risks in small leagues because the free agents available are always going to be plentiful.

Mock drafts allow you to try out different draft strategies. You can try one where you take a WR in the first round, and then do another and take a RB there. Compare the teams. See what other people are doing, and then, when your real draft gets here, you will have a better idea of which players you will be able to select in each round

Preparation is key!

Good luck on your season!