If you’re reading this, your fantasy football draft is probably coming up. You’ve probably been reading the articles and getting idea of some of the players that you want to pick.

I’ve created a free download of my top 200+ players, sorted by position. This would be great to have if you are hosting a draft party. You can give it out to your guests, so they are not underprepared (can’t be too careful), or you can have it for yourself to cross off players as they’re selected if you’re doing a live draft.

While most of us do our drafts via laptop now, it’s still nice to have a print-off at the ready, just to help you double-check everything. I know I like to keep one handy.

If you want to get the top 200 list, just enter your info below and I’ll send it over, along with a free pre-draft checklist and ebook of my top ten tips to win this year!

Good luck!